Millogic has developed emulations of obsolete microprocessors, and produces pin-compatible emulators for these processors that are being used in industrial products to replace the original devices.

Millogic develops processor emulations and emulators when customers have a need for particular obsolete processors. We understand the critical nature of maintaining software compatibility in medical, defense and industrial applications.  Millogic works with our licensees to guarantee compatible operation of our emulators in existing designs.




Part Number


Part Number



Emulator Image
Ml6303 HD6303Y (Hitachi)
HD63A03Y (Hitachi)
HD63B03Y (Hitachi)
HD63C03Y (Hitachi)
Verilog ML6303-EM68 (PLCC-68) ml6303A
ML68705 MC68HC705C9ACFN (Motorola)
MC68HC705C9ACFN (Freescale)
Verilog ML68705-EM44 (PLCC44) ml68705 EM PL44 150x150
ML68000 MC68000 Verilog